Demonic Entity Attacks Family in El Dorado, OK

Location: El Dorado, Oklahoma, USA

A family in the small, southwestern town of El Dorado, Oklahoma had a frightening experience that is now gaining national attention. The Oklahoma Paranormal Research Investigations (OKPRI) took on the case.

Gloria and Roy Solis

Gloria (left) and Roy (right).

The Solis family had purchased a house in the town, and moved in with their daughter, Barbara, and Chihuahua, Pongo. Shortly after moving in, what seemed to be an unseen demonic entity caused physical harm to the Solis family.

Early one morning, Gloria and Roy were awoken by odd sensations on their heads and faces. Gloria had a cross-shaped marking on her forehead while Roy had strange smelling goo in his hair, along with a general burning sensation and a bald spot in the region.

In addition to the physical attacks, they would constantly hear voices and animal noises. One time, Gloria heard a growl that was too large to have been created by Pongo when she was in the kitchen.

To monitor the sounds, the Solis family used baby monitors. Late one night, Gloria heard a voice say “leave or die” in the monitors. They contacted OKPRI. The paranormal group was unable to rid of the demons in the home. During their investigation, one of the team members was possessed. She was saved. This story was also featured on AnimalPlanet’s The Haunted (S01E10 “Leave or Die”)

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