January Updates

This January brings change to Ghostly World in a subtle amount. We’re focusing on adding new tags and categories to help define haunts and help you find the content you want.

New Categories

  • Nature – Haunts that take place in a “natural” area, such as a haunted tree, river, and so on.
  • Bridge – This is a relatively new category. Bridges were, prior to the creation of the new category, put under the “Road” category.
  • Park – These were, for the longest time, defined as “Misc. Hauntings”…a category that has been dubbed ‘the holding place’ for locations that seemingly don’t have a group to fall under (those that later do have a ‘defined group’ are moved to a new category).

New Tags

  • Haunted [blank] – Haunted [blank] tags are now used to find haunts in a certain location. For example, Haunted Finland or Haunted Florida, which defines a new way to navigate Ghostly World.

More Images

  • Ghostly World has been working hard to gather good pictures/graphics to go with each entry.

2013 Haunt Awards

The 2013 Haunt Awards have begun! Vote for your favorite haunts, such as “Most Haunted Hospital” and “Most Haunted House”. Winners will be announced on Sunday, February 24th, 2013 – the same day as the Academy Awards – on ghostlyworldnews.wordpress.com (here) and YouTube.com/user/ourghostlyworld. Vote now!