January Updates

This January brings change to Ghostly World in a subtle amount. We’re focusing on adding new tags and categories to help define haunts and help you find the content you want.

New Categories

  • Nature – Haunts that take place in a “natural” area, such as a haunted tree, river, and so on.
  • Bridge – This is a relatively new category. Bridges were, prior to the creation of the new category, put under the “Road” category.
  • Park – These were, for the longest time, defined as “Misc. Hauntings”…a category that has been dubbed ‘the holding place’ for locations that seemingly don’t have a group to fall under (those that later do have a ‘defined group’ are moved to a new category).

New Tags

  • Haunted [blank] – Haunted [blank] tags are now used to find haunts in a certain location. For example, Haunted Finland or Haunted Florida, which defines a new way to navigate Ghostly World.

More Images

  • Ghostly World has been working hard to gather good pictures/graphics to go with each entry.

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