August 7th – Ghostly World’s 1 Year Anniversary!

With the one year anniversary coming closer and closer, it will be exiting to see what the stats are at. A video will be released on August 7th featuring the year’s progress on our YouTube channel –

Until then, you can take a look at what Ghostly World used to look at (note: it was dark grey, but the archive didn’t capture that…this is from September 25th, 2012) –


What Are Your Thoughts on Ghostly World’s New Look?

Recently, Ghostly World changed its theme from ‘Chateau Demo’ to ‘Newsworthy’. What are your thoughts on this change?

Upcoming Changes (feel free to post your opinions in the comments):

    Removal of QuikNav, a supposedly ‘easier way to search’ that was anything BUT quick

      Revision of pre-existing posts

        Adding of new posts

        Feel free to express your opinions and suggest other updates.