Ghostly World Newsletter to Get Dramatic Update in January, 2015

Well, it seems like forever since we’ve written the last Ghostly World Newsletter – and we left a bunch of subscribers just hanging there for a little while when we weren’t sending any out for, what, two years? Come January, 2015, and we’ll be bringing back the newsletter with a visually stunning layout that will be way more dynamic than the old plain text ones.

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Ghostly World Newsletter


Are you a fan of Ghostly World? Ghostly World Newsletter is for you! We’ve recently added new features that you’re sure to love.


  • Discounts/coupon codes for products in the shop, such as Free Shipping or 50% Off.
  • Exclusive information that only subscribers will receive.
  • An inside view of updates that will be coming soon to Ghostly World.
  • News regarding the paranormal.
  • And much, much more!

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