The All-New Ghostly World Tumblr Experience

Today, we have improved our Tumblr presence by turning it into a photo site for haunted places, abandonments, and ghost towns. Now, you can browse photo after photo of your favorite location. With our subsites becoming more powerful, you’ll soon have a way to view Ghostly World in your own personal way.

You can view our new and improved site at


We’re Improving ‘Our Ghostly World’

Since our Blogger site Our Ghostly World is extremely similar to the regular Ghostly World, we’ll be changing things up and making a few improvements to better your experience. If you have any suggestions for such changes, feel free to write them below in the comments – we are glad to listen!

The current goal is to revamp the site to serve as a travel guide for those interested in the paranormal.

What are your thoughts on what should be improved?

The Great Move: What We’re Doing With All of Our Location Pages

In order to free up some of the clutter on Ghostly World, we’ve decided to move all of our location pages over to This site will link the haunts, abandonments, and ghost towns back to the posts on Ghostly World.

If you have any questions regarding this move, you can write them below in the comments or email them to

Meet the New and Improved Ghostly World Dictionary

The New Ghostly World Dictionary

A screen shot of the new and improved Ghostly World Dictionary.

Not to long ago, Ghostly World introduced the Ghostly World Dictionary as a guide on the same site. However, the guide soon became cluttered and not very efficient – that’s when the new and improved Ghostly World Dictionary came about on its own site (which can be found at Organized by letter, each word can be clicked on to give more information on its definition.

Since the site is relatively new, it is not complete, but it gives a general idea of what is in store for the new addition to Ghostly World.