Saying Goodbye to QuikNav

Today, we have started to take down the old navigational system known as “QuikNav”. Pages with broken links, no information, and no quick navigation, QuikNav was a failure on our part. With little doubt, this will be very un-missed. New navigation systems are being put into place on

Thank you for your patience.

– Ghostly World


The Great Move: What We’re Doing With All of Our Location Pages

In order to free up some of the clutter on Ghostly World, we’ve decided to move all of our location pages over to This site will link the haunts, abandonments, and ghost towns back to the posts on Ghostly World.

If you have any questions regarding this move, you can write them below in the comments or email them to

Save Waverly Hills!

I very rarely bring out news posts or posts with messages, but today I thought I would. Almost every paranormal fan has heard of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It’s open to the public as long as they pay a small fee. However, due to years of abandonment prior to its opening as a tourist attraction, it received a lot of wear-and-tear as well as graffiti. Since WHS is based solely on its tourist income and donations, it’s slow-going. As a fan of the Waverly Hills myself, wouldn’t it be awful if the place had to close due to financial or safety reasons? I say ‘yes’, and that’s why I’m hoping you help them out here. I’m not connected to them in any way other than being a huge fan – I’ve never even been there. With donations made by people like you, they’ve already been able to restore the cafeteria and laundry room (check that out here), but honestly…this is important. We don’t want to have WHS to close!

– Ghostly World