America’s Most Haunted: Alaska Update

We’ve added thirty-three new haunts to our book America’s Most Haunted: Alaska’s second edition – more than doubling the previous number. For only $2.99, you can read this great resource today!


Ghostly World Newsletter to Get Dramatic Update in January, 2015

Well, it seems like forever since we’ve written the last Ghostly World Newsletter – and we left a bunch of subscribers just hanging there for a little while when we weren’t sending any out for, what, two years? Come January, 2015, and we’ll be bringing back the newsletter with a visually stunning layout that will be way more dynamic than the old plain text ones.

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium Book Coming Soon!

Ghostly World will be publishing its first book – The Story of Waverly Hills Sanatorium – within the next few months. Focusing on the history of the hospital, you can go in-depth with amazing detail and little-known facts on the origins of the “world’s most haunted location”.

Through AnimationCity Publishing, the book will be released for Amazon’s Kindle and/or Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Ghostly World 2 Year Anniversary

Today, Ghostly World celebrates its two year anniversary. In that time, over 60,000 people have visited the site.

Here’s What We’ve Done in Two Horrifying Years:

  • We’ve gotten more than 200 followers
  • We’ve been viewed everywhere in North America and Europe
  • We’ve written more than 500 posts
  • There are 780 comments (the most commented on post is Anne Frank’s Secret Annex
  • The most viewed tag is ‘Paranormal’, beating ‘Death’ out by only one view
  • There are more than 3,000 tags and 150 categories
  • The top five countries that view us the most are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Finland
  • We were in the bibliography of Haunted Big Bend Florida and sourced in a post on Huffington Post


Inside the New “Haunted Collection”

Ghostly World recently released the first products from its new Haunted Collection of t-shirts. Details are subject to change.

Upcoming Products

  • Bayview Bridge – Bridge
  • Bird Bridge – Bridge
  • Bladon Springs Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Bodelwyddan Castle – Castle
  • Bridge in Refuge – Bridge
  • Cardiff Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Catman’s Graveyard – Cemetery
  • Cave Hill – Cemetery
  • Charleville Castle – Castle
  • Christ Church Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Coon Creek Bridge – Bridge
  • Coopers Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Great Pyramids of Giza – Cemetery
  • Heady Lane Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Hunedoara Castle – Castle
  • Jembatan Ancol Bridge – Bridge
  • Jeruk Purut Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Kastelholm – Castle
  • Khufu’s Pyramid – Cemetery
  • Memory Hill Cemetery – Cemetery
  • McConnico Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Mound View Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Oak Grove Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Old Sacramento Cemetery – Cemetery
  • Old Town Tatu – Business
  • Ridge Cemetery – Cemetery
  • St. Louis Cemetery #1 – Cemetery
  • St. Louis Cemetery #2 – Cemetery
  • St. Louis Cemetery #3 – Cemetery
  • The Alamo – Battlefield
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Hospital
  • Valley of the Kings – Cemetery
  • Zion Church Cemetery – Cemetery
  • And many more!